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Jabulani is a childrens picture book reader for 4 – 8 year olds. Come along with Jabulani, a boy in Southern Africa, as he learns how the little ways that he helps his family and friends can add up to big rewards, and that no matter how small you are, you can accomplish big things. In doing so, Jabulani introduces his culture from the Ndebele tribe of the Republic of South Africa to other children through this story of a week in his life.

The amazing illustrations were done by Beth Restrick.  Like me, Beth is an MK (Missionary Kid), and generally an all-around awesome and beautiful person. She beautifully connected with the story which has resulted in some truly outstanding artwork that connects emotionally with any reader, regardless of age or experience with Africa.  I am truly blessed to have worked alongside her on this project. More of Beth’s artwork can be seen at

Upcoming Projects

The Remnant has been an ongoing project (many, many years in the making). It required an enormous amount of research and outlining. There have been innumerable iterations, per usual, and currently the manuscript is shaping up nicely. Explore the richness and diversity of Southern Africa through the adventures of Dirk Van Rensburg in an historical novel. Dirk, a farm boy in colonial South Africa, discovers proof of the existence of one of the lost tribes of Israel and becomes instrumental in finding a priceless lost relic, while redeeming racial groups in the process.

Historical fiction?  Check. Filled with life lessons on character, trust, relationships, and cultural insights? Check. Adventure, historical fact, murder, intrigue, and so much more? Check.